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Specializes in 18 years NanchaoClutch Complete
Wc specialize in research,development,producing and distributiong of clutch for environmental sanitaion truck,
o-verrunning clutch and backstop etc such device for transmissiong.NFCY is the main bradn for our products
  • Transfer large torque
    Products can also be used in a relatively bad environment.
  • Long service life
    Clutch wear is almost zero, greatly improve the service life!
  • Small noise
    Reduce the impact on the secondary engine, thereby reducing the noise produced by the product at work!
  • Multinomial state certification
    Excellent quality of products, a number of state authority certification, such as ISO9001, emission permit, etc.
  • A number of long - term partners
    The company has become a long - term partner with a number of large companies, and has become the first choice for the purchase of clutch products
  • NanChaoMechanics
    China's most stable clutch brand!
ClutchTransmission power
The clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws, and the output shaft of the clutch is the input shaft of the gearbox. During driving, the driver can step down or release the clutch pedal as required, so that the engine and gearbox are temporarily separated and gradually joined to cut off or transmit the power input from the engine to the transmission.

Engine output assembly

Quick reaction、Simple installation of integrated structure,High speed operation
Commonly used specifications and models
Technical standard: national standard and enterprise standard;
Use and target equipment model;
Pneumatic clutch Multiple categories

Automatic clutch

Transfer large torque
Long service life
Small work noise
Infrared detection at night

Refrigerator car clutch

Model:Supra 450/550/750/850/950
Refrigerating capacity:2.2kW-10.8kW
Large working temperature range:-29℃~+45℃;
Automatic heating and defrosting system,Guarantee the normal operation of the system;

Sprinkler with sprinkler

Flexible manipulation,The washing effect is remarkable;
Long range,Work in a variety of environments,
To eliminate the safety hazards of working workers at the end of the workbench;

Centrifugal clutch of gasoline engine

It is mainly the different igniting ways,A compression ignition,A cremation stopper。
Gasoline engine is used as fuel, diesel engine is diesel fuel.

German reducer accessories

SIEMENS mechanical drive systems (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the group's predecessor in 1996 the construction of investment Flender power transmission (Tianjin) Co., ltd.. The company is located in Beichen high tech Industrial Park.

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